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BTB - 12/7/2017 Congestion Surcharge

12 July 2017

Dear Customer, Our tariffs are based on sailings of our barges 2 times a week between Born and Rotterdam v.v.. The same is applicable on our transports between Born and Antwerp v.v. For a longer period of time we are being confronted with major problems in the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp concerning the handling of our barges. They are delayed between 24 -72 hours (with peaks rising up to 5 days for some specific terminals).

There are peaks at the deepsea terminals caused by  shortage of staff, higher call sizes, out of window calls of seavessels, In short a higher demand than available capacity that cause these delays.

The congestion is becoming more structural and results in our sailing schedule not being met. Because of this we are incurring a lot of extra costs.
The following actions we have already taken:
Discussing possible solutions with the deepsea terminals, the Shipping companies, the Port Authorities, branche organizations such as VITO, CBRB, ECO/FENEDEX, members of National Parliament and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. All these have not yet resulted in an improvement of the situation we are in.
In Born we are handling the barges 24/7, not to incur any more delays. We also chartered extra barges to keep up our service as much as possible.
We have informed you the general situation before and also per specific booking. Until now we have absorbed these costs but we can’t afford that anymore.
Starting 20 July we will apply a Congestion Surcharge of 15 EURO per full container.  The date is measured by the sailing date of the barge.
This surcharge doesn’t cover all costs resulting from the delays and doesn’t guarantee a better handling of import and export containers. It only distributes the negative consequences which cannot be carried by just 1 party in the supply chain.
We regret this decision but in view of the above we are forced to take this measure for the continuity of our services and hope the situation returns to normal as soon as possible.
We will revert to you as soon as the situation changes.