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Info about the Customs Procedures

Choose the intermodal way, choose Barge Terminal Born!

Extended Gate

Barge Terminal Born has successfully acquired the Customs license "Extended Gate" for import containers from any terminal in Rotterdam to the trimodal terminal in Born. This implies that containers can be transferred further directly after being discharged in the Rotterdam harbour, without the need for transport documents or customs clearance delays. The customs license of Barge Terminal Born will cover the transport. In Born, the customer can then arrange the additional customs formalities. Barge Terminal Born can assist here with the services of Waalhaven Douane Service BV (WDS), located on site in Born.

24 hour service

With seven departures a week by barge and rail (RSC Maasvlakte), containers can be picked up within 24 hours after being discharged. In the meantime customs formalities can be prepared for further transport from Born to the final destination. This is all a cost and timesaving operation which will add to the already existing efficient and environmental friendly operation in Born. Customers can also escape from the expensive storage costs in Rotterdam. The capacity in Born is almost unlimited with the current storage capacity of over 10.000 teu.

"Extended Gate" for all terminals in Rotterdam

The customs license "Extended Gate" is valid for all major terminals in Rotterdam, including ECT, APMT, Euromax, Hanno/Uniport, RST, Barge Center Waalhaven and others. The usefulness of the license is therefore maximized for our customers. For further information on this subject, please contact our offices in Rotterdam or Born.