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Dear valued Customer,

Due to heavy rainfalls the last couple of days the current and waterlevel on the river Meuse are still increasing.

This has, and will have, its impact on the capacity of our barges and the ability to sail (at night).

Depending on the circumstances at the moment of departure, we will evaluate if a barge can sail (at night) and how many layers of containers can be shipped.

The situation is expected to improve during this week and be back to normal the end of the week.

We ask for your understanding for this and will do our utmost best to minimize the consequences.

As it has been some time since the last advisory and I want to give you an update concerning the congestion at the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

More than 60% of the seavessels arrive out-of-window. The number of vessels and the volumes to be handled, lead to peaks in demand. The capacity of the deepsea terminals is not sufficient to handle this situation.

The availability of empty containers appears to be a problem as well. The empties are re-routed from the deepsea terminals to the depots, which results in higher demand for timeslots.

  • Antwerp 43 hours
  • Rotterdam 64 hours