Limburg Express 2.0

European Gateway Services (EGS), Barge Terminal Born and the Danser Group have been successfully joining forces for some time in the Limburg Express. The Limburg Express has been maintaining a regular barge connection between Born, Venlo and the ECT Delta terminal in Rotterdam for 2 years now. The partners would now like to scale up to Limburg Express 2.0 , which will be deployed an additional ship , which also other terminal at Rotterdam on lo opt .

The Limburg Express is unique because of the collaboration between two inland terminals in Limburg, which previously served ECT with their own ships. The collaboration leads to various efficiency improvements. Rotterdam is there , thanks to the pooling, use is made of fixed windows at the ECT Delta Terminal . Because of this the ship according to a schedule is , and therefore reliable, transacted.

By using a coupling (ship with pushed barge), larger volumes are transported to Limburg per departure, and handling at the inland terminal is a lot more efficient. For example, the pushed barge will be moored in Venlo for unloading and loading , while the ship will sail on to Born . There is also an efficient reuse of containers. Empty containers to be with the Limburg Express between the terminals repositioned. For example, the empty import containers may be transported from Venlo to Born to be loaded with export cargo there .

Many companies , who use the Express Limburg consider it a great success. So says Helen van den Heuvel, on behalf of Hapag -Lloyd: " the recent years the relationship between the two inland terminals really developed as a partner c h a p. We can offer our customers a reliable service and see that our volumes in recent years also have increased . "

For Michael Kors in Venlo, it contributes to the objectives of socially responsible entrepreneurship . “ As a global brand, we want to reduce our impact on the environment. By organizing transport in a smarter way as part of the supply chain, we can contribute to our sustainability goals. The Limburg Express offers the right solution for this. Due to the high reliability and frequency we can offer our customers the service they expect. And by using inland shipping we can reduce our carbon footprint. We look forward to expanding the connections! "

Sabic in Sittard-Geleen is also very enthusiastic about the collaboration. Frans van de Water says: “ By using the Limburg Express, we are guaranteed a regular handling in Rotterdam, so we can be sure that our containers are available on time for the departure of the shipping company, and therefore also on time at our customers. to be. The Limburg Express for us in that sense the solution to a problem that we as major international shipper very much affected by this, namely on security regarding the time of processing of container shipping in the harbour. We warmly applaud the development of Limburg Express 2.0, so that we can also have other container flows reliably handled in the port of Rotterdam. ”

Limburg Express 2.0 is applauded by many companies, it would be great if this could be realized. With Limburg Express 2.0 , the partners see opportunities to transport even more containers by inland shipping!